An indoor picture of Kontio

The sauna cabin of Kontio

Mattilan lomatila is situated in Pertunmaa in the beautiful eastern lakeside of Finland. Pertunmaa was chosen to be the nicest cottage county in Finland in 1996. The distance from Helsinki is 180 km and from Mikkeli 60 km.

Our rentable, well equipped cottages Isokuovi, Kalliola and Kontio Eko are situated by the clean and serene lake Pienivesi. The lake Pienivesi is 10 km long and 2 km wide and rich in fish. There are a walking route and maintained ski trails for 3 km near the cottages.

You can also rent bicycles, outboard motor for the rowing boat or buy fishing permits.

There are for instance shops, banks and a restaurant in the center of Pertunmaa, 12 km from the cottages. You can also find the bus stop over there. The nearest railway station is in Mäntyharju, 45 km from the cottages.


Vedenpääntie 338
19420 Mansikkamäki
Pertunmaa, Finland

Gsm 050 527 6969